DBV-Technologies – helping make the world a better place for allergy sufferers!

French company DBV-Technologies is set to make waves in the world of immunotherapy, with its revolutionary research into allergy patches.

The growth in the incidence of allergies has been noticeable in recent years. Well-known allergies cover everything from nuts and eggs to shellfish.

DBV Technologies and Viaskin could well be the names on everybody’s lips if this new technology is as effective as tests suggest.

At its most basic, Viaskin comprises a patch that’s placed on the patient’s arm. The principal components of the patch are a titanium backing and a crown, which forms a condensation chamber with the skin.

The theory behind the Viaskin patch is relatively straightforward. An electrostatically-charged spray of protein compound (the antigen) is sprayed onto the patch’s backing.An ultra-moisturizing ‘condensation chamber’ formed between patch and skin allows these protein compounds to reach the tolerogenic Langerhans cells, where they begin the work of gradually desensitizing the body to these antigens.

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